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Complete resource for MS4 and Private Sector needs. Current Post Construction (Long Term) information, training, and solutions. SWPPP reviews and compliance Inspections. Annual reports and training requirements.

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Let us save you time and money while eliminating your stormwater risk. We take the headache out of compliance. We make sure your SWPPP is prepared correctly and signed off by the MS4. We can help you file the NOI permit application, get you the SWPPP you need, provide inspections throughout the project, and make sure it is terminated correctly.

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We solve your stormwater risk problem. Leverage our expertise and technology to benefit you, so you can stay focused on what matters. We provide sector specific SWPPP, SPCC, Long Term plans, training and inspections.


  • Professional SWPPP, SPCC, LTSMP
  • Certified Inspections
  • Accurate SWPPP Permit Application
  • Online Training Modules
  • Live Training
  • Dewatering Inspections (Sample, Analysis, Reporting)
  • Post Construction Training and Information
  • LTSMP/PCMP (Long Term Stormwater / Post Construction Management Plans)
  • Post Construction Inspections and Maintenance
  • Accurate SWPPP Audits
  • MS4 Support, Inspections, Audits
  • Complete SWPPP Compliance Solutions
  • Automated Management and Delivery through complianceGO

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Our Accomplishments

accenaGroup™ is a specialized leader in stormwater consulting in Utah since 2007. accenaGroup™ professionals are currently working to solve the long-term stormwater management (post construction) needs that MS4s and the private sector are required to meet.  Our professionals consult, train, audit, develop and amend Post Construction Management Plans (PCMPs), SWPPPs, perform inspections, obtain and manage accurate permits, and implement program solutions for all stakeholders involved with stormwater in the state of Utah. We have a combined 75 years of stormwater experience which includes top certified professionals in erosion and sediment control in the state. Noting the depth and validity of our expertise, our professional team has trained over 10,000 professionals, conducted over 100,000 compliance inspections and overseen/managed the development, implementation, and retention of thousands of SWPPPs. We have also pioneered and locally developed a software solution to manage all things stormwater – complianceGO™. ComplianceGO has automated SWPPP compliance in the state of Utah and beyond. Builders, Industrial Businesses, Owners, Developers, and MS4s use our expertise and software that combines the latest technology with cost efficiency to ensure their projects and management are always 100% compliant.

  • Developed and Certified Hundreds of SWPPPs – Construction and Industrial
  • Conducted thousands of construction inspections and hundreds of industrial inspections
  • Contracted with local MS4s to manage their inspections program
  • Certified to inspect and manage post construction controls
  • Performed MS4 Audits
  • Experts on the Industrial and Construction general permit and have trained thousands on compliance with these permits
  • Consulted on an EPA Consent Decree with the U.S. Justice Department
  • complianceGO was the first software recognized by the EPA to electronically manage all aspects of stormwater compliance
  • Published in the ASCE Utah Chapter Civil Source newsletter; Stormwater – The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals; Concrete Products Magazine; and, Utah Construction and Design magazine
  • Presenters at CASQA, California Stormwater Quality Association
  • Trained for AGC, ABC, UHBA, SLHBA, UVHBA, USWAC, APWA/ASCE Southern Utah Annual Conference, and the APWA Fall Conference and Stormwater Expo
  • Construction and Industrial Trainers for MS4 program managers at the Utah County Stormwater Coalition and the Weber County Stormwater Coalition
  • USWAC Industrial Sub-Committee co-founder and past chair
  • Industrial MSGP 308 Order consulting
  • Services from Saint George to Logan


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