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Fiber Roll

Perimeter Control

Fiber rolls, also known as wattles, are cylindrical devices made from biodegradable materials such as straw, coconut fiber, or compost encased in a mesh netting. They are placed along contours or at the base of slopes to intercept and slow down stormwater runoff, allowing sediment to settle out and preventing erosion. Fiber rolls are an effective and eco-friendly erosion control solution used in various construction and land development projects.

Fiber Roll as a Best Management Practice (BMP)

As a Best Management Practice (BMP), fiber rolls are recognized for their effectiveness in controlling erosion and sediment on construction sites. Here are some key benefits of incorporating fiber rolls into your BMP strategy:

  • Versatility: Fiber rolls can be used in various settings, including slopes, drainage channels, and around construction perimeters, making them a versatile tool for erosion control.

  • Ease of Installation: Fiber rolls are relatively easy to install, requiring minimal equipment and labor. They can be staked into place and contoured to fit the landscape, providing immediate protection against erosion.

  • Biodegradability: Made from natural materials, fiber rolls are environmentally friendly and will biodegrade over time, eliminating the need for removal and reducing long-term environmental impact.

  • Cost-Effective: Fiber rolls are a cost-effective solution for erosion control, offering significant protection at a relatively low cost compared to other sediment control measures.

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