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What does it matter if dirt runs into storm drains?

Surprisingly, up to four truckloads of soil from an uncontained building site can be washed away in a single storm. So, what is the problem? The extra dirt directly pollutes our creeks, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs by filling them with excess dirt, soil, sand and mud. This leads to poorer water quality, which:

  • Negatively affects swimming or leisure activities

  • Destroys aquatic habitats and smothers native plants, fish, and animals

  • Blocks storm drains leading to flooding and property damage

  • Erodes creek and river banks.

The areas around our waterways are exploding with new construction. Stormwater that does not absorb into the ground is carried directly into our waterways with absolutely no filters or treatments. This leads to trash, oil and gas, heavy metals, and dirt pouring directly into our rivers and lakes.

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