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You Shouldn't Have to Stress About
Stormwater Regulations.


You will save time, money, energy, and stress because all of our personnel are qualified and certified to develop stormwater plans, perform compliance inspections, and maintain site stormwater controls. Accena SWPPP Services are Stormwater Experts.


You don't need to worry yourself about the long list of Utah Stormwater regulations because we know them inside and out. We even navigate the permits and compliance standards necessary for your project to move forward without incident.


You stay in the know because we are involved with Utah Stormwater regulation. Accena SWPPP Services is an active participant in the Utah Stormwater Advisory Council (USWAC) to stay up-to-date.


You stay protected because we know the rules. We were heavily involved in the development of the Utah Registered Stormwater Inspector (RSI) and the Utah Registered SWPPP Reviewer (RSR) courses.


You will avoid fines and/or shutdowns because we are Utah stormwater compliance experts. All our Accena SWPPP Services experts have years of stormwater compliance experience, keeping you safe and compliant.


As hard-working contractors, you understand the importance of competence and experience. Accena SWPPP Services has developed tens of thousands of approved and compliant SWPPPs, SPCCs, LTSWMPs, and more giving us the insight to protect you and your project profits.


Plus, we've conducted hundreds of thousands of professional compliance inspections.


We can help you when you need it. We've consulted on EPA stormwater consent decrees, counselled government compliance officers, and spoke at dozens of industry conferences..

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Meet our Owners

Hank and Danica Tolman

Hank's remarkable journey started during an LDS mission in Panama, where he mastered Spanish, followed by a decade of service in the United States Army. 


As a Staff Sergeant in Human Intelligence, Hank undertook two combat tours in Iraq, demonstrating exceptional linguistic proficiency in Arabic.

Hank's commitment to excellence extended into academia, earning him five college degrees, including specialties in Military Intelligence, Middle Eastern Studies, and Information Technology, culminating in an MBA. 


His expertise further shone in contributing to Army cybersecurity with the development of a comprehensive course for the military.

Transitioning seamlessly into the entrepreneurial sphere, Hank is now a thriving business owner with ventures in Utah and Wyoming. 


Amidst his professional achievements, he enjoys his personal pursuits. In rare moments of respite, Hank enjoys tinkering with computer hardware, immersing himself in literature, and actively participating in church service.


Danica owned her own successful business for over 10 years, building sales, administrative, and leadership skills. She is a home school parent and an active member of several homeschooling groups.

Adding to the richness of their life, Hank, Danica, and their seven children enjoy cross-country adventures in their RV.

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