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Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan

(Long-Term Stormwater Maintenance Agreement)

A LTSWMP (Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan) is a post-construction agreement that is designed to provide long-term, effective stormwater management for properties built after 2011. It ensures that stormwater infrastructure is maintained and operated in accordance with regulatory requirements and best management practices. It also provides ongoing monitoring and inspection of stormwater systems to ensure proper functioning.

Your LTSMP is required to be recorded at the County. 

What is a LTSMP

What is a LTSMP?

Completing and submitting a Utah Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan (LTSWMP) is being enforced more and more by the EPA, the State of Utah, and local Utah cities.

The LTSWMP is a plan that details long-term stormwater controls and what inspections and maintenance items are required after construction is complete.


It is required for all HOAs, commercial buildings, multi-family projects, and private units constructed after 2011 that include stormwater drains or stormwater mitigations on-site that haven't been turned over to the municipality.


Among a variety of items, these might include the inspection and maintenance of:

  • parking lot drainage

  • on-site storm drains

  • dumpster and trash areas 

  • landscaping

  • permeable pavers

  • underground low-impact development (LID) devices

The LTSWMP is required to be recorded with the County and is the responsibility of the property owner for the life of the property, even when it was originated by the initial developer or builder.

When the City or State requires a LTSWMP, Accena SWPPP Services will make this a quick, easy, and painless process.


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