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Stormwater Solutions for Your Industry

Stormwater Solutions
for Your Industry


swppp for home construction in utah

Construction projects disturbing more than 1 acre of land, or those disturbing less than 1 acre that are part of a common plan of development (like a subdivision), require stormwater permit coverage. Even if you site doesn't require a permit, the municipality may still require a plan and the installation and maintenance of controls. We are here to help you through every step of the process so you can get back to building.


A wide variety of material production, transportation, recycling, and salvage sites require permit coverage under the Multi-Sector General Permit. If the state or city has asked asked you about your stormwater permit, contact us and we can help you get everything set up.

Industrial manufacturing for swppp

Long Term/Post Construction

swppp for commercial development in utah

Under their municipal stormwater permit, cities are required to run a long-term stormwater pollution prevention program. This includes requiring privately owned properties to submit a Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan (LTSWMP), conduct inspections and maintenance on the property, and report annually to the city on their efforts. If your city is asking for this, we can help you by creating the plan, managing the inspections and maintenance, and filing your annual reports with the city.

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Utah Stormwater Coalition

AccenaGroup is a founding member of the Utah Stormwater Coalition; a coalition of private organizations affected by stormwater regulations. The coalition advocates for private sector permittees and property owners to make sure that regulations make sense and are focused on the common goal of clean water rather than beauracracy.

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