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Utah MS4 - What you need to know

Ever wondered what those storm drains on the street are actually for? They're part of a larger system called an Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Here's the lowdown:

What is an MS4?

• A network of pipes, ditches, and other structures that collect and transport stormwater (rainwater, snowmelt, etc.)

• NOT connected to the sanitary sewer system (the one that carries wastewater)

• Owned and operated by local governments like cities, towns, and counties

Why are MS4s important?

Protect our Utah waterways: MS4s help prevent pollution from entering streams, rivers, and lakes.

Reduce flooding: They carry away excess water to prevent flooding in streets and homes.

Improve Utah's water quality: MS4 programs can help filter out pollutants like pesticides, oil, and sediment.

What do Utah MS4s do?

• Develop and implement stormwater management plans.

• Educate the public about stormwater pollution.

• Inspect and maintain the MS4 infrastructure.

• Enforce regulations to prevent illicit discharges.

What can you do to help?

• Never dump anything down storm drains.

• Pick up after your pets.

• Use natural fertilizers and pesticides.

• Conserve water.

• Get involved in your local MS4 program.

Let's work together to keep our waterways clean and healthy!

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